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Zimmerman Studio, LLC is an architecture firm founded to focus on small projects for educational institutions and projects that promote neighborhood improvement. We bring strong design and technical skills to every project, gained during 20 years of professional practice.

Our emphasis on communication contributes to our ability to successfully lead the project team (Owner, Design Team, and Contractor) from initial concepts through building occupancy. We listen to our clients to learn about their goals and priorities, and then we develop a project that translates those abstract ideas into physical form. Meeting schedule and budget targets is also critical. Zimmerman Studio LLC is experienced in working with complex clients where the client is represented by several people who are responsible for different aspects of a project; we listen to each representative and arrive at solutions that address everyone's concerns. Keeping everyone up-to-date and involved in the project is key to every project's successful completion.

Sustainability is an important consideration in all of our work, at every level of a project. Renovating and/or adding on to an existing building extends the useful life of the building, and the older portions of the building often add interest to the completed project. We design every project with consideration for conservation of material and energy resources - our design decisions focus on choices that will reduce yearly operating costs, and that make the most effective use of your construction budget. In addition, projects that foster a sense of community will be valued for many years and will enhance the sustainability of the campus or neighborhood in which they exist.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.







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